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Article: Big News + Story Time: Our Season of Romance Collection is now live!

Big News + Story Time: Our Season of Romance Collection is now live!

Big News + Story Time: Our Season of Romance Collection is now live!

Our Season of Romance Collection Is Live Now!

We are thrilled to announce that our new Season of Romance Collection is now available to shop on our website! This collection is designed for women who want to feel confident, beautiful, and elegant in their most special moments. Our delicate silhouettes, feminine styles, and romantic fabrics make this collection tastefully sexy and elevated.

Whether you're celebrating a wedding, anniversary, or simply want to treat yourself, our Season of Romance Collection has something for everyone. Our team has infused elegance, grace, and sophistication into each piece, making them perfect for any occasion.

Please note that this collection is limited, so once these items are gone, they will not be coming back. Don't wait to add these pieces to your wardrobe and make this season of love even more special. We hope that our Season of Romance Collection brings you as much joy as it has brought us.

I want to say what a joy it has been creating this collection. Are you ready for a little story time? 

When we were creating this collection we searched high and low for designs and fabrics that would make our community feel expensive, beautiful, luxurious and down right show stopping. We wanted this collection to be for our women who are currently romanticizing the heck out of their lives whether they are soon-to-be brides or not, so we had quite the task set out for us. When we finalized our selections and placed our order we were OVER THE MOON excited because we had a vision and knew that these designs executed that vision to the T. There is a certain comfort in uncertainty and impermanence but I will be the first to tell you, this was not one of those times. 

When we received our inventory, it was a MESS! The fabric was amazing and the design was conceptually STUNNING but unfortunately the quality of the craftsmanship was not at all up to Andra standards. We were running a little behind on production and product development. Yes, I will admit this. Everything isn't perfect all the time. What goes on with small businesses behind the show curtain is complex and that's the truth so this was just days before our big collection shoot so as you can imagine we were hectic, girl - But our team went quickly to work to re-construct this collection and I have to say.. we pulled it off! My right hand gal and VP of Marketing, Haley, sat with me through hours of a zoom call redesigning and creating the perfect lookbook for this season and when we were finished, I think we were more pleased with the outcome then when we designed it the first time. 

The moral of this story is that women are resilient, strong and a force as strong as nature when we hold space for that energy. Having a strong community of women around you can quite literally make all the difference and this experience has taught me that there really are no limits- when a woman has true desire and a will there is nothing SHE CAN'T DO! 

So now that we are here in this moment we hope that you enjoy this collection as much as we did. Through the rough patches we found strength, dedication and a self-confidence as a brand that we hope you can feel that. So GO! Check out the collection and give us some feedback here to let us know what you love (and what you don't) We want to hear it all. 



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