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Welcome to andra

About Us

Welcome to Andra, where simplicity and elegance are woven together to celebrate the natural power of feminine energy.Β 

At Andra, we believe that true style comes from a deep understanding of one's own intentions and personality. Our mission is to support women in expressing their unique beauty through quality, timeless pieces that are built to last. We are committed to creating collections that exude confidence, elegance and sophistication, without the need to chase fleeting trends that show a lot of skin.Β 

Our philosophy centers around the idea that investing in a high-quality and versatile wardrobe is far more valuable than having a closet full of clothes yet still having nothing to wear. Our pieces are crafted with the highest quality materials and designed to stand the test of time, making them perfect for building a capsule wardrobe that will take the stress out of choosing what to wear.Β 

We believe that there is rich elegance in simplicity, and our collection of luxury womenswear embodies this ethos. Our pieces are thoughtfully designed to support classic femininity and we take pride in the fact that our brand celebrates women who want to exude respectful power, soft confidence and fierce sophistication.Β 

We hope you find our brand to be a powerful force in the industry and that you embrace the natural power of your own femininity. Thank you for being here and we look forward to helping you build a wardrobe that celebrates your individuality and innate beauty.Β 


the mind behind the magic

Meet our founder

Alexandra isn't your average CEO. Sure, she's built Andra clothing from the ground up, stitching together not just garments, but a community of women rising from the ashes of their own challenges. But to understand Alexandra, you have to rewind beyond boardrooms and bottom lines. You have to trace back to the girl who, as the eldest, left home early, a wild bird eager to navigate the world's vast sky. The girl who, through stumbles and heartbreaks, lost herself in the storm.

Andra is Alexandra's phoenix, born from the flames of self-doubt and hardship. It's a hand stretched out to other women – women navigating their own dark nights, grappling with invisible roadblocks. Alexandra sees them, the quiet warriors fighting unseen battles. In Andra, she offers not just clothing, but a beacon, a whisper, "I see you, and you are not alone."

This isn't just a brand, it's a battle cry. Alexandra understands the sting of losing your way, the weight of societal expectations, the whispers of doubt that snake into your ear. But she also knows the roar of resilience, the spark of defiance that rekindles your flame. Andra is that spark, woven into every thread, a reminder that even the most tattered fabric can be repurposed into something fierce and beautiful.

More than a CEO, Alexandra is a storyteller, her life a tapestry woven with hardship and hope. Andra is her final chapter, not a happy ending, but a powerful beginning. It's a promise to every woman struggling in the shadows: rise with me, sister, your fire still burns. Wear Andra, wear your story, and remember, you are not alone. We rise together.

This is Alexandra's legacy, not just a clothing brand, but a movement, a whispered revolution for the women who dare to defy expectations and rebuild themselves, thread by thread, into something dazzling and unbreakable. This is Andra. This is Alex. This is you.