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Article: How to style accessories to create balance in everyday looks

How to style accessories to create balance in everyday looks

How to style accessories to create balance in everyday looks

 We've all heard it before that accessorizing can take an outfit from a 10 to a 12 in a matter of seconds and it's TRUE! Mastering the art of accessorizing doesn't have to be a daunting task and you don't have to overthink it! Remember to always prioritize your personal style when planning your collection of accessories. Choose pieces that you feel pretty and comfortable wearing and pieces that you can visualize pairing well with items in your closet so that accessorizing comes easy and feels natural to you. Although there is a time and a place where these tips won't apply like special events, weddings and holidays, here are some simple steps for incorporating accessories into your everyday looks.

1. Less is MORE

Over accessorizing can kill the moment so learning how to create balance with your accessories is key. Whether it is jewelry, eyewear, hats or other types of accessories, there are many classic ways that you can pair all of these elements together. 

  • Avoid putting on every piece of jewelry you own and instead opt for a few of your favorite pieces for different parts of your body. If you add a chunky necklace or layered necklaces, tone it down with simple earrings so they don't crowd your neckline and the reverse: if you wear statement earrings, choose a necklace that leaves your neckline open or even opt-out of a necklace all together to let the earrings do their thing. 
  • Avoid adding chunky rings to every finger- not only does this make it hard to use your fingers gracefully, it can make your hands seem like they are bloated and take away from the elegant lines that your fingers and nails create for your entire arm. 

2. Choose your accessories for your outfit + match them to each other

Choosing accessories specific for your outfit is important but what can make an even bigger impact is choosing the right accessories for your other accessories. 

  • Try to choose jewelry pieces that are in the same metal family. Avoid mixing gold, silver, bronze, etc.. Making sure that your metals match is an easy way to look effortless, expensive and put together. Adding colorful jewelry is acceptable with metals, like stones and colors like turquoise but try to keep it minimal. 
  • Choose shapes and accessories that compliment your outfit. Choose some statement earrings that are on the minimal side and top if off with a low bun and a hat to complete your look. If your hat is your statement piece, choose delicate jewelry that doesn't take away from your hat's design.  


Hats are underrated accessories and have the ability to change a look in seconds. If you are having a messy bun kind of day or if you want to add some mystery to your look, here are some tips for adding a hat. 

  • Opt for versatile hats that are neutral in color to make matching easy. A white or natural hat in easy to care for fabric makes adding a hat effortless and adds a layer of sexiness. Hiding the eyes a bit adds mystery to your look and can bring out a little of that inner dark feminine. 
  • When pairing hats with other accessories make sure to keep it simple. You don't want to overdo it by pairing a brimmed hat with bulky earrings and a chunky necklace while wearing a turtleneck or mock-neck top. 
  •  Simplify hat wearing on quick accessorizing days by tying your hair in a low bun just below your ear and adding some subtle earrings. Adding the hat to this hairstyle and look will make it seem intentional and nobody will know that you rushed out of the house. 
  • Pair your hat with your eyewear for the day! This is a game changer because these two accessories frame your face and by hiding the eyes in both ways you can change the tone of your look in an instant. If you opt for an oversized or floppy hat, keep some structure with your sunglasses so that it creates balance on your face. If you choose a more structured or statement hat try to avoid choosing overly angular eyewear that can make the face seem too busy. 
  • Choose to add a hat to a powerful outfit for a dynamic confidence boost and take your look from girl to woman at a moments notice. Pairing hats with elevated looks rounds out the edges and pulls the look together from head to toe. 




We really admire the women who go after vibrant style with variety galore and while we drool over that style from afar... our style is classic, feminine and minimal. Our tips compliment our lifestyles and style so keep that in mind and of course make changes to fit YOU. Most of all do what feels right for you and HAVE FUN! Fashion is about expressing who we are and telling the world our story without having to speak so if it's not fun, something isn't right. 

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Love and light,





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