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Introducing the Lily Cardigan, a garment woven from elegance. Like its namesake, this long knit masterpiece unfurls a cascade of effortless beauty, ready to envelop you in its luxurious embrace. It's not just a cardigan, it's an experience. A symphony of softness against your skin, each stitch humming a lullaby of comfort. The long, draping silhouette paints a canvas for your personal expression, ready to be layered over dresses, denim, or the matching Lily 2pc Set, creating an ensemble that whispers sophistication with every step.

The Lily line is a love letter to slow living, a reminder that true luxury whispers, not shouts. It's an invitation to pause, to breathe, to feel the world around you with renewed sensitivity. In this cardigan, you'll discover that comfort is not just a feeling, it's a philosophy.

Invest in yourself, invest in the Lily Open Front Cardigan. It's more than just a garment, it's a gateway to a world of mindful luxury.


The Lily Cardigan is what luxury looks and feels like. Features a removable belt with side loops, clean cut hem, side slit detail on both sides and ribbed cuffs. Versatile and light for warmer months but easily paired for the colder temperatures. Pairs best with the matching Lily 2pc Set.
Lily Open Front Tie Knit Cardigan Sale price$63.00 CAD Regular price$126.00 CAD