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Article: First look into the Andra Lifestyle Blog

First look into the Andra Lifestyle Blog

First look into the Andra Lifestyle Blog

Hello Andra Muse!

We are over the moon to finally be entering the fashion + lifestyle blog space. Our team works tirelessly and intentionally to bring our vision for the Andra woman and lifestyle to fruition and what better way to connect with the women who inspire us, than a blog! There is only so much we can communicate on social media and we know that we have a much bigger purpose to serve. 

A little bit about us if you are new here...

Our brand represents a lifestyle that is intentional, graceful yet powerful, and feminine. Andra is a haven for the classic and sophisticated woman who understands her innate power and embraces her femininity because, well ultimately, your femininity is your superpower. This often gets overlooked in such a fast-paced world but we know that the little details that make us soft and graceful are the very thing that holds our societies up and we are here to put that in the spotlight. We believe that simplifying your wardrobe to create timelessness and versatility goes hand in hand with a well-built lifestyle for the woman who embodies her elegance and grace. We are all about understated luxury and find that simplicity in a wardrobe is much more rewarding than having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Our collections are capsule-based and minimal so finding your style is easy and effortless. When we look good and feel confident in how present ourselves to the world, we are capable of making a great impact on those around us. We fully believe that a clean and minimal wardrobe adds much more value to a woman's life than meets the eye. So now that you're here, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our clothing, mission, values and team. We are so happy to have you with us. 

Now.. What you've been waiting for: THE ANDRA LIFESTYLE BLOG 

Our brand is built on the foundation of classic and feminine style, and our blog will be no different. It is designed for women who embrace their femininity, recognize their innate power, and are intentional about creating a lifestyle they desire. 

Our blog will inspire you to romanticize your life and live intentionally by curating the lifestyle you want to have. We will share our favorite books written by powerful female authors and touch on podcasts, music, styles, and films that we are loving in the present moment. Our founder + CEO will share personal stories attributed to her very own feminine power and hear from our team on what working with a woman-owned brand looks and feels like. As a matter of fact, most of this blog will be written by our founder, Alexandra. Isn't that neat? If you don't know who she is, she is a force and you'll get to know her more as we delve into the important topics we have lined up. In this blog space we will also be sharing insider exclusives and collection releases, upcoming events and Andra news. This is where you can find details on our Creator Watch Events, where we will open up small windows of time for creators to apply to work directly with our brand and showcase their lifestyle for our community. 

We aren't only here for the fashion, we want to seriously inspire our community to lead with their feminine qualities and be unashamed of it! So many times throughout history women have been told what to do, how to act, what to look like and in that process, it's hard to say this, but we are losing our ability to be naturally soft and delicate. This will be a space where you can relax, get deep with yourself and what you want from your life, learn how to put your femininity first and of course, explore the world of Andra fashion! 

The Andra Lifestyle Blog is here to stay. Every Wednesday tune in to read as we explore femininity and all that comes with it. (How many more times can we say "femininity") 





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